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Our dedicated teams is run by the following core values.


We embrace new ideas in consideration to the potential they hold thus changing the market to a much better place.


We are dedicated to upholding a high standard of business in order to meet or exceed customer expectation.


We act with honesty and accuracy in all our dealings without compromising the truth & quality because we owe it to ourselves and our customers.


Who We Are & WHAT WE DO

We are idea generators, goal seekers, challenge-thirsty professionals, creators of unique Internet projects. We deliver unconventional solutions, combining the most advanced web technologies, modern design and bold communication. For us, each project is a meaningful adventure, in which we become partners with our clients, on the road to perfection.

What Kind of Services we offer

We are a relationship driven IT solutions and managed services provider, offering a continuum of best-of-breed technology and services for enterprises. We offer the strategic services, technological expertise and ongoing support to help you succeed.

Voip Telephony

We are changing the face of IP telephony with our innovative line of systems. Our range of telephony solutions can be used for a standard office solution and for a call center solution.


By creating and maintaining a reliable, scalable and flexible network infrastructure. Cidax gives its customers the opportunity to not only keep current business operations running efficiently, but also gives them freedom to position themselves for future challenges.

CCTV Surveillance

There have been many instances covered by the media where CCTV surveillance helped in investigations of different criminal and disastrous incidents.That said the importance of having CCTV systems anywhere can never be overemphasized.


Customer Relationship Management (CRMsystem helps manage customer data. It supports sales management, delivers actionable insights, integrates with social media and facilitates team communication. Different CRM systems offer complete mobility and access to an ecosystem of bespoke apps in regards to client needs.


Telephone service is the lifeline of business, as it provides a way for potential and current customers to reach out to the firm.By understanding the technologies involved in an office telephone system, it becomes easier to choose a system that is cost effective and adequately serves the needs of the company. As modern office communications are change dramatically the percentage of traditional analog phone system reduced compared to IP Telephone System.most companies in Kenya  are taking advantage of a newer feature rich VOIP System for their office environment.


Help desk management system helps you handle and respond to each customer request, quickly, with strong functionality built into the system it helps you keep track of and answer all inquiries as soon as they come in and solve your customers’ problems no matter whether they come by phone, email, chat, web forms or social media


A disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a documented, structured approach that describes how an organization can quickly resume work after an unplanned incident while  Business continuity planning is a strategy that ensures continuity of operations with minimal service outage or downtime. A business disaster recovery plan can restore data and critical applications in the event your systems are destroyed when disaster strikes.

Streamlined communications are critical in order to provide internal and external customers with a seamless service that ensures efficiency and satisfaction. An investment in the right communication systems and tools will produce both quick and on-going returns. It will support your strategic goals and strengthen your competitive edge.


Bulk messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. It is used by media companies, enterprises, banks (for marketing and fraud control) and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing.

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